Sexy white Peek A Boo dress!

Hey guys. If you have not seen this set of photos of me, then your wondering why I am calling it a peek a boo dress. Well the first thing you notice is that its very nice and tight and white. It clings to my big tits and my round hips. It also is stretched nice and tight across my ass.

White dress
Sexy white dress on Ana Mancini

Can you see how it squeezes my boobs.

Shape of my hips
Check out the shape of my hips.

Peek a Boo
Peek A Boo!

Ana Mancini

Beach dress shows my curves!

I love wearing long beach dresses like this one. I think it shows my curves really well and I wanted to share a couple of photos with you and ask your opinion. First off I think the color looks very good against the background and my skin and I think the cut of the top of this dress shows the perfect amount of cleavage and side boob as well.

What do you think of this Cleavage shot?

Side boob
A sexy nice side boob shot.

If you want to see the rest of this set, its only available in my members area. I can also wear it on a date with you if you ask me just nice enough.


Ana Mancini.

Ana Mancini getting some sun on that body.

Who here does not like to see my body glistening in the sun? I know I love it. Yeah its my body but when I see the small beads of sweat glisten across my chest, I feel it rolling down the sides of my big round tits and can feel it trickle down my shaved cock I just get so horny its amazing. My body just needs to be held and fucked and sucked.

Most of the time I visit the beach I do so by myself. Would you like to come over and put some lotion on me? I always need it in the parts that are easy to reach but also a lot of fun.

Come and visit me and get some sun and fun with me.


Ana Mancini

Some of my other posts in Bikinis

What about a hot tranny turns you on?

Hey guys. I wanted to find out direct from you, what about a hot tranny turns you on. Is it the hair, the face, the legs, the ass the cock, or maybe even the way we dress? Is it a combo of those things? Maybe hair and shoes is your thing? Cock and tits? Lips and ass? What gets your cock hard and makes it ache deep down?

Ana Mancini high heels
Is it sexy feet in high heels?

Big round tranny tits
Or could it be a big round firm set of tranny tits like these?

Hard tranny cock
Or is it the fact that I have a cock and while you play with my big tits, I can fuck your ass?

What is the turn on and what can I do to make you cum.

Hugs and kisses

Ana Mancini!

When the door is closed, did you trap beauty inside?

When it comes to Beauty Ana Mancini is always one of the shemales we think of first. With her amazing blonde hair, Big tits, and big round ass and perfect cock, she is the definition of beauty and desire. So when she walked into the office we shut and locked the door and asked her to strip for the cameras.

If you want Ana Mancini to strip for you this amazing shemale beauty will do it but only in the members area of her site. Check it out today and make sure to email her.

Ana Mancini, the Amazing Shemale beauty.

Sexy blue bikini on the balcony!

Hey guys. I was asked for more photos of me from this set of the sexy blue bikini on the balcony and as a good hostess I have them here. So now that they are posted please tell me what you like about them. Is it the way the bikini top hugs the curve of my tits? The way the bikini covers my hips and hides my cock? Or is it the full nude photo at the bottom that you wanted to see?

Sexy bikini top!

Can I spread my legs wide enough for you?

Tell me, do you want to make love on the balcony?

Well thats the set for now and I can post more if you guys ask nicely. Other wise join me in the members area for the whole set all together.

XOXO Ana Mancini

Ana Mancini at the beach in Xel ha Mexico

Hey guys. Took a trip down the Xel Ha beach about 60 miles south of Cancun. This beach is amazing. Secluded enough to get naked but not being completely alone on the beach. I had a few guys watching so I popped out my tits and started playing with my cock.

If your going to be down in this area stopping by this beach with your favorite shemale would be a good idea.

Hope to see you there.

XOXO Ana Mancini.

Other hot photos of me!

Back Alley hookup with a hard body guy!

I had watched this guy walk home many times through the back alley. Often taking his shirt off because of the heat. Showing his hardbody, cut abs. It would make my nipples on my big tits ache and my cock rock hard. I had stroked off at the window many times. I finally decided to try and hook up with him and left my camera running to catch it.

When we first hooked up.

Sucking my shecock
When I told him I was a tranny he got hot!

Sucking my cock
He took my tranny cock deep into his mouth!

This ended up with a great ass fucking and I loved it. All in the street and all in public view!


Ana Mancini.